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Yeşim Cimcoz

Buluşma Tarihleri:
Ekim 2016 itibariyle her ayın son Cuma günü

Buluşma Saati:
10:00 - 16:00

Buluşma Yeri:
Her ay belirlenen bir mekanda, sonra İstanbul sokaklarında, insanlarında, ruhunda.


Eskiyi Arayanlar İçin

Eski İstanbulu Yazıyorum çalışmalarının gittiğine üzülenler, keşke eskisi gibi kalsaydı diyenler, sadece amatör kalmayı isteyen, sadece içinden geldiği gibi yazmak isteyenler... sizi unutmadık! Biz ayrıca hala yılda en az iki defa İstanbul'un bir semtine gideceğiz. Hatta bazılarınızın çok istediği gibi bir hafta sonu gezisi bile düşünüyoruz. Bu gezilerimiz tam eski İstanbul'u Yazıyorum tadında olacak. Tek şartımız yazmanız. Katılım yine ücretsiz olacak, yeme içme sizden olacak. Yazılarınız yine yayınlanacak, yine beraber yazıp okuyacağız. Sadece yılda iki defa olacak. :) Buradan tarihler hakkında duyuruları takip etmeyi ihmal etmeyin.

Anasayfa Writing Istanbul Day Three 14th May Monday An Overview of our Third Day

When you travel as a tourist to a new city, you are for the most part a tourist. You don’t really go to the places the locals go, you don’t catch a glimpse of local life. Today we hope to give you a brief glimpse into that world. Breakfast will be light, at the residence and we’ll have a short writing activity to get the day going. Everyone should be ready to leave by 10 a.m. Don’t forget to put away some ‘simit’ for the seagulls! We’ll meet a few along the way.

Together we’ll walk down backstreets where you’ll get to see locals opening shops, going to work and sitting in cafes. Our short trip down to the docks in Karaköy will take us through backstreets where hardware goods are sold. Pipes, hoses, ropes hung outside hardware shops greet you as you pass by shop owners chatting lazily on stools outside their stores.

Every morning on their way to work from one side of the city to the other, Turks cross two continents. This morning we will take a twenty minute ride on a local commuter boat and travel to Asia! If the weather is good, we can stand at the back of the boat, where seagulls travel with us. This is the time to reach into your bag and pull out that simit you’ve been keeping. Throw a small piece into the air and watch the seagulls grab it and fly away....

We’ll dock at Kadıköy and once you step off the boat you are now officially in Asia! Most areas around the city have moving markets that set up for the day, pack up and go to a new location the next day. Then there are the stationery markets. Kadıköy has a wonderful market which we’ll visit first. Tiny narrow streets greet you as you enter the marketplace. The main strip is lined with colorful fruit, vegetables, and fresh fish. You can buy anything from slippers to an oven in the market. Shop owners stand along the street inviting you to buy from their store and often you’ll see a man with a huge basket on his back. He will carry your many packages for you on your way home for a very low price. I personally have never been able to ask anyone to carry my packages. In fact, I sometimes think I’d carry it for him so he’ll get a break! I somehow don’t think that is the way things work!

We’ll have an hour to walk around the marketplace and you are welcome to take a break at one of the many small coffeehouses and even indulge in a cup of strong Turkish coffee and a piece of Turkish delight as you watch passersby. We will meet at 12.00 noon at an authentic restaurant called Ciya, where you can taste various vegetarian and meat based dishes. On their website Çiya defines itself as a restaurant of "Southeastern and East Mediterranean Cuisine",but says it is actually a reflection of a vast geography from Anatolia to Mesopotamia and the variety of culturally prosperous people that have existed on that land. Here, all the Azerbaijani, Georgian, Turkish, Arabian, Armenian, Ottoman, Syrian, Seldjukian and Jewish dishes are prepared according to the original customs and beliefs....

After a hearty lunch, we'll take a 40 minute boatride as we travel accross the Marmara Sea to one of the many Princess Islands. Today our destination is Burgaz Island, one of the least touristic islands. We'll have some delicious ice-cream just by the docks  (you’ve probably noticed by now that Turks eat and drink all the time!) ‘ikram’ or offering something to eat or drink to a guest is an important part of the culture) and then take the horse drawn carriage up to Kalpazankaya at the very top of the island. Quaint streets, small houses, big houses with huge gardens and a calmer, quieter life greets you on the island. You stand at the very top and look out over the sea to the mass of concrete that is the new face of an ancient city. Here it is quiet, there are birds, children’s carefree voices and bicycles accompanied by the sounds of hoofs on cobblestone streets. Enjoy the peaceful surroundings but don’t forget to take notes! İmages, ideas have a tendency to flitter away when something new comes along.

After chatting, writing and maybe sketching out a rough draft of your thoughts and wherever they have taken you this day we can share with the group what you have written and get ready to walk down back to the docks for the boat ride home. Our boat ride will take us back to the European side of the city and you’ll have time to wind down from the day as the boat lulls you to maybe even take a short nap.

Once we set foot in Kabataş, we’ll walk up the hill to the residence or we can take the underground tram to Taksim and walk down to the residence. It’s going to be a free evening for you...sleep, rest, take another go at the hamam, have dinner in a different cafe or just walk along istiklal, drop in to a bar, sit in a cafe and watch the night come to life. Those of you who would like to see some carpets, learn about Turkish carpets and maybe even buy one from a safe, reliable seller can join us in the lobby later on as we head out to the carpet shop.

Tomorrow, our last day will be a day of sights, smells and sounds as we venture to the Grand Bazaar!


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