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Beliz Kudat
Yeşim Cimcoz

Buluşma Tarihleri:
Ekim 2016 itibariyle her ayın son Cuma günü

Buluşma Saati:
10:00 - 16:00

Buluşma Yeri:
Her ay belirlenen bir mekanda, sonra İstanbul sokaklarında, insanlarında, ruhunda.


Eskiyi Arayanlar İçin

Eski İstanbulu Yazıyorum çalışmalarının gittiğine üzülenler, keşke eskisi gibi kalsaydı diyenler, sadece amatör kalmayı isteyen, sadece içinden geldiği gibi yazmak isteyenler... sizi unutmadık! Biz ayrıca hala yılda en az iki defa İstanbul'un bir semtine gideceğiz. Hatta bazılarınızın çok istediği gibi bir hafta sonu gezisi bile düşünüyoruz. Bu gezilerimiz tam eski İstanbul'u Yazıyorum tadında olacak. Tek şartımız yazmanız. Katılım yine ücretsiz olacak, yeme içme sizden olacak. Yazılarınız yine yayınlanacak, yine beraber yazıp okuyacağız. Sadece yılda iki defa olacak. :) Buradan tarihler hakkında duyuruları takip etmeyi ihmal etmeyin.

Anasayfa Writing Istanbul Day One 12th May Saturday An Overview of Our First Day

My grandmother used to say the dreams you dream in any new place will hold much meaning. So after your first night in Istanbul, hopefully filled with wonderful dreams, we’ll meet downstairs in the lobby of RoomsGalata at 9 a.m. Just up the road is a small cafe. I discovered it while looking for a good place for the workshop accomodations. That day as I passed by the cafe, a delicious smell rolled out onto the street and lured me in. The food was good, the staff friendly and the place clean. So I decided we could eat there one morning. And that is what we’ll be doing this first morning. We’ll have a small workshop and enjoy a full breakfast on this first morning.

Since you will be spending 4 days in this area called Beyoglu, we thought it would be good to get to know the area first and that is why our first day will be spent in the areas called Taksim, Beyoğlu, Cihangir, Galata and Tunel. An avenue called Istiklal Caddesi with shops, cafes, restaurants and vendors runs down the middle of Beyoglu. An old tram travels up and down the avenue making 3 stops along the way. The RoomsGalata is located somewhere right along the middle of this avenue. So we will emerge from our sidestreet onto the main strip and we’ll either take the tram or walk up to Taksim Square. From there we’ll walk down Sıraselviler Avenue to Cihangir. You see old buildings, renovated buildings, many churches and cultural centers as well as consulates and modern shops all along the main strip. Beyoglu used to be a cultural melting pot with Jewish, Christian and Muslim families living together. You’ll see signs of this throughout the area.

Cihangir is considered to be one of the bohemian parts of the city. Though Cihangir comes alive mostly at night, it is still a wonderful place to visit during the day. Old buildings, a wonderful view of the sea, coffee shops and small boutiques as well as the residents make Cihangir an interesting stop. We'll have lunch in a cozy restaurant here. At lunch we’ll get a chance to verbally share our experiences, get inspired by others’ experiences and share notes.

After lunch we walk down Çukurcuma, an antiques haven still undiscovered by many tourists, and come back out onto Istiklal Avenue. We'll then walk down to Tunel which means tunnel. An underground tramway tunnel runs from Beyoglu to Karakoy by the sea. The tram is mechanically operated by pulleys and a quick ride down the hill. Just to the left of the tunnel entrance is a narrow cobblestone street that will take us down to the Galata area and the Galata Tower. The street is lined with music shops selling all kinds of musical instruments, arts and crafts stores and small snack cafes.

We’ll go up to the top of the Galata Tower where you get a breathtaking view of the city around you. The first time I went up this tower I felt something was different here. At the top, you are neither too high nor too low. Standing somewhere in between the two norms we are used to, you experience a strange feeling of being in there yet being an observer at the same time.

Now it will be time to walk the streets you just saw from above. Galata now is the home of many street artists, jazz bars and artsy cafes. Along the narrower back streets of Galata you’ll find interesting shops, boutiques and old buildings. You’ll see clothes hung out to dry and a major landmark of Istanbul, the strays! Cats and dogs will scurry away or after testing to see if you are a friend, follow you down the backstreets. You’ll have something over an hour to walk around, take notes and jot down your impressions.

Then it’s back to the Residence to write and share or rest! This is your time to do with as you please. If you choose to write, you'll have plenty of time to begin a piece of writing, get your ideas flowing and maybe finish a first draft, a skeleton of what you plan to write.

Turks have dinner quite late but that doesn't mean you have to! Dinner is not included in the day's program and seeing that we'll be going to the Whirling Dervishes show in the evening, if you want to have an early meal, you can choose to spend this hour and a half either sitting down somewhere to eat or getting something on the way to the residence and eating it there.  If you would like to wait till after the dervishes show, we can take you to a restaurant by the waterfront where you can eat fish, but that would be around 8:45, maybe 9:00 p.m. So you can decide.

Our evening will begin at 18:00 as we walk down to Tunel and take the tram to Karaköy. From Karaköy we'll walk across the Galata Bridge, lined with restaurants, over into Eminönü and then another tram to the Sirkeci Train Station. The Hodjapasha Cultural Center is right behind the train station and though the show starts at 7:30 p.m., we'll get there at 7:00 for light beverages and some Turkish delight. I have hopefully gotten us front row seats, so the dervishes will be just in front of you as they take you on a one hour magical journey.

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